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By Lori Lewis

One of the beautiful things about the Internet and social media is the way it empowers people to create a platform and become agents of positive change. To celebrate that, each month we’ll share videos, images and stories we feel should be seen by as many people as possible.  We hope you’ll use your own social circles to share and help others see anything that moves you.

Photoshop Girl (added 5/8/2012)

“Hold up
Cosmo has got it all wrong baby
you’re the most beautiful creation
God has blessed us to see…”

Fun song that carries a vitally important message for girls and women – that you’re all right, and media / advertising has got it all wrong.  Watch this, with your daughters.  Share it far and wide.  THIS is the type of message that needs to go viral.


The Life of Julia

We’re not trying to endorse one candidate over another but regardless of which way you lean politically, there are two things about “The Life of Julia” that cannot be denied:  this is a REALLY cool piece of social media marketing, and these are issues that every woman must fully explore in terms of her candidate’s of choice’s position & track record to make an educated decision & vote.  Just because it’s by one candidate, doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a starting point to research and make a decision about another.  Worth reading and sharing (with caveats, if necessary! 😉 for sure.

Some empowering statements about self esteem
from activist and comedian Margaret Cho.

“Beautiful Girl” by Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles is my very favorite musical artist. I am astounded by her talent and when I recently heard her perform her new song, “Beautiful Girl” at a charity show at Los Angeles’ legendary Troubadour, I knew I had to share it with See Magazine’s readers.

I love watching this video, and I love the forgiving and loving things she says about her 13 year old self at the beginning of the song.  (Plus, I can hear myself laughing and cheering in the background!)  The vocals are a little fuzzy but I encourage you to check out the lyrics – they are beautiful and affirming – you should definitely play this for any girl you love.

I hope you love it as much as I do, and that it will help you love YOU as much as you should. ❤

Killing Us Softly 4 Trailer, Jean Kilbourne

Documentary filmmaker Jean Kilbourne talks about how advertising shapes our perception of what is beautiful.  My favorite quote: “The Supermodel Cindy Crawford once said, ‘I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford.’  She doesn’t, she couldn’t, because this is a look that’s been created for years through airbrushing and cosmetics but these days it’s done through the magic of computer retouching.”

Dove Ad Makeover Campaign

Dove does it again!  In their continued campaign to promote “Real Beauty” they present “The Dove Ad Makeover” they invite the public (in the U.K. – coming to the U.S. soon!) to replace Facebook ads which denigrate our bodies, age, etc. with ads featuring affirming messages instead.  Love this so, because it uses a medium that is so often a weapon as an instrument of healing instead.  Bravo!

Reality TV and Women’s Self Esteem

From Miss Representation, this short but impactful video features one of our favorite media literacy leaders, Jennifer Pozner,  and is a powerful glimpse into the harmful effects of reality TV on the collective self-esteem of women.

Happy In My Body

This one features self-proclaimed leader in radical self-acceptance, ex-anorexic Blake Ashley Fergus and it starts out a little slow, but then gets joyful.  It made us smile, so we think it’s definitely worth a watch and a share with anyone who’s struggling with their body image issues.

More next month but for now – go forth, watch, enjoy, smile and share!  
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