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by Lori Lewis

Our favorite feel-good treasures from the bounty of the world wide web


This month’s Powerplay Mix features a selection of songs designed to boost your spirits when you’re feeling down.   Bob Marley, Natalie Merchant, Andy Grammer, Foo Fighters, and more.


30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself
Great and empowering list of things that we all do at one time or another, that do us just no good.  Read and bookmark this one to keep yourself on track for a happier spirit and life.

Where Our Worth Comes From
Founder of “Girls On The Run”, an empowerment initiative for girls, ponders how to preserve that indelible sense of self that all of us have when we’re very little girls.

Upside To The “War on Women”?
This article features powerful women’s thoughts on how the recent threats of women’s rights resulting from the presidential campaign may actually end up helping women in the end.

Five Ways To Spot a B.S. Political Story In Under 10 Seconds

Photo: Cracked.com

Speaking of politics, this amusing (and pretty accurate/useful!) article from comedy site Cracked.com offers some great media literacy tips for sniffing out the less than factual/useful editorial around politics and politicians.

Empowering Girls Through Music
Montreal adopts the Rock Camp For Girls model which originated in in Portland, Oregon, detailing how teaching girls to rock out can lead to an increased sense of empowerment.

TrueCar Announces Women’s Racing Initiative
Exciting news from a male-dominated sport in which the preeminent female has (sadly) chosen to parade around in a bikini to sell….internet hosting services.
TrueCar, which publishes new car data aimed at empowering consumers is extending that mission toward empowering women race car drivers.  Not only will they throw sponsorship dollars and marketing efforts behind female races; the company will also spearhead a grassroots effort to develop a young racing drive program aimed at women.

Going Door To Door Never Felt So Beautiful
While we’re not fans of pushing makeup as a means to feel more beautiful, the benefits of this mobile program from JAFRA to provide self-esteem boosts for chronically ill women through makeovers cannot be ignored.  Happy to see the beauty industry involved in such noble work.

Secretary of State Clinton Discusses LGBT Rights
In a somewhat disheartening summary of conversations with world leaders about new policies in some countries with marginalize LGBT people to the point of making their sexual orientation punishable by death, Hillary Clinton fights to foster basic human rights the world over.

Thirteen And Thriving
Really inspirational article how a Jackson Hole, WY school is working hard to instill self-esteem in girls in athletics – and why it’s so critical that they do so.


Ashley Judd Slaps Media In The Face For Speculation Over “Puffy” Appearance

The big news in body image this past month was Ashley Judd’s impassioned essay decrying the media’s morbid fascination with why her face was “puffy” during recent media appearances.  This got lots of attention and generated a lot of conversation in the media, which is fantastic – but more celebrities need to join this conversation.

Vogue “Health Initiative” Focuses Body Image Conversation on Magazines
Iconic fashion magazine Vogue makes an (arguably halfhearted) pledge to limit use of underweight and underage models on the pages of all 19 of their international editions.  While somewhat heartening, critics argue that the language is loose and rife with possibilities of “accidental” inclusion of limiting images of feminine aesthetic beauty.

14 Year Old Girl Leads Protest Against Seventeen, Demands Unaltered Photos

Photo: Change.org

I love this girl.  She’s achieved her signature goal on a petition demanding that Seventeen Magazine print one unaltered spread per month.  I think it’s a brilliant start to what should ultimately be federal law:  any publication targeted to people under the age of 18 should be prohibited from featuring ANY content (including ads) which are heavily altered.

Researcher Unveils Body Image App

This is pretty exciting and promising!  A free mobile app designed to foster communication around body image issues, the media, and how to correct media portrayals of physical beauty and the negative impact to self esteem that it causes to the app’s target audience, college-aged women.  Can’t wait until this app releases!

Body Image: What Can I Do To Keep My Daughter From Hating Herself
We’ve featured articles on this topic before but it’s such a critical one, it bears repeating.  Tips for discussing and modeling positive body image for young girls.

Body Image Booster: Uplifting & Inspiring Quotes
More from one of our favorite body image advocates, PsychCentral’s Margarita Tartakovsky – a look at the importance of keeping our mindspace well stocked with inspirational quotes, and a good selection, to boot!

Anorexia Linked To Brain Problem, Offering New Hope For Treatment

News from the UK about treatable brain abnormalities thought to be responsible for anorexia. 

Why A Good Body Image is Vital For Great Sex
As if we needed another reason to love our bodies – but this IS a good one! Slideshow explores how changes to sex ed strategies and incorporating dance into workouts can help improve body image and thus, one’s sex life.

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