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By Deanne Mathews

As a follow-up to our profile of her inspirational story of compassion and self-healing in our April 2012 issue, here are some more thoughts from life coach Deanne Mathews on compassionate healing – detailing some additional ways to reach a more peaceful point of view about yourself, your past and your future.

  1. Time alone:  Personal/Sacred space with our self is an important process for healing.  It helps us to be still and truly feel what is happening within the body, mind and heart.  Through this we are able to connect fully, accept, and then respond from the most truthful part of ourselves.

    Photo: Jami Dwyer

  2. Be with Nature – Nature is filled with balance and harmony.  It has great truth and radiates beauty.  Nature heals. Think of a beautiful flower and our heart opens and softens.  Hear a bird’s tune and our being comes alive. This is a place where we can be receptive to healing and nurturing.  The quietness of nature helps to still our mind so that we can access our inner self to hear what’s going on and what we require in the moment. Listen to nature and it will reveal the essence of what you need to know in order to heal yourself.
  3. Choose your company wisely: So important!  Choose friends that love you and support you.  Invite people in who value your journey and want to champion you along the way. Avoid people who are addicted to their own pain as this will keep you stuck and disconnected from who you are.
  4. Keep your body moving: Make time to care for your body.  Gently exercising helps the body to process feelings and emotions.  Body movement allows for feelings to come in and make themselves known and then leave when they’ve finished speaking. From this place, we become a lot more clearer which gives us the opportunity to make wiser decisions.  We learn how to respond, not react.
  5. Feel into your vulnerability:  We’ve been taught from society that being vulnerable is being weak.  In my opinion, there is nothing further from the truth. When we are vulnerable, we  become intimate with ourselves and move into the soft core of who we are which provides a healthy environment for healing. We remove all facades when we are vulnerable – this allows for our darkness to be embraced, received, loved and healed. When we are intimate with ourselves, we are able to connect with others and the world. We learn what it’s like to claim our fragmented selves and become whole. This is where life becomes alive.