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May brings Mother’s Day, on which many people buy gifts, cards, & flowers to express their love and appreciation to their Moms.  Although “Hallmark holidays” tend to be a sore spot for many people (myself included), I think that Mother’s Day in particular is a critical one, because it reminds us to show love, praise and gratitude to the woman in all of our lives who at the very least GIVES us life and at the very most, teaches us how to live it, and to love it.

In observance of Mother’s Day and in honor of Mom’s and all they teach us, we asked the following question of the women in our social circles:

What has having a Mom, or being a Mom, taught you about love?

Here are the answers we received…

Lauren says,
“Having a mom has taught me that being a mom isn’t always about showing your children the right way to live.  It’s about showing your children enough love, respect, and support so that they feel that, despite what they’ve seen you do, they can have the courage and confidence to pave their own way.  People say that you get to a point in life where you inevitably become your mother.  Having a mom has shown me that the real challenge isn’t figuring out who you want to be.  It’s figuring out who you don’t want to be and the rest simply falls into place.”

Laura says,
“Being a mom has taught me what unconditional love truly is about.  No joy of your own, no pain of your own, no pride of your own could amount to what you feel for your child.  I was not prepared for the strength of such love- makes me appreciate my mom even more- especially knowing what I have put my mother through!”

Priya says,
“Being a mom has taught me that love is about trying to better another person’s life. Whether that’s through teachings (“Do the right thing, not just what everyone else is doing!” is one we’re dealing with right now), through things (buying the girls Kindles has increased the amount they read because it’s easier to carry around everywhere), or through experiences (I’d rather take them on a trip or to a show that they’ll remember), I’m finding that I just want to make my girls’ lives better. Easier to live, happier to experience, more comfortable in their own skin.”

Shannon says,
“It’s fierce, selfless, consuming, maddening, constant, wild, soft, and pure.  Nothing is more powerful than my love for my children.  No matter what happens in life with anyone else, this never changes.  It takes unconditional and forever to a new level.”

Veronica says,
“Being a Mom has taught me…that love is no longer just a word to fill me with romantic butterflies. Love now is an action word and I can describe it by seeing those kids. The feeling of belonging to someone, even as a single woman, is comforting. Knowing those little beings are there for me and I for them (and that we are “stuck” with each other, hahahah) I truly am in awe of them and I am very humbled to have the honor of being their mother. You can look at it from a religious, spiritual or whatever point of view, but the fact that being a parent to the kids we have is a grand responsibility….a wonderful one though.”

Lori says,
“Having a Mom has taught me that no matter how affirming, comforting, intense, enjoyable, and all-encompassing other forms of love are, that there is nothing like the love of a mother for her child. Even when I don’t deserve it – even when I do or say things to my Mom that should invoke anger, disappointment, frustration – and even when she clearly feels those things, I know that my Mom’s love flows freely to me.  The other key thing that having a Mom has taught me is that loving someone isn’t about holding on and using your will to shape how your experience with them will be…it’s about relinquishing any attachment to how someone is, and wishing only for their happiness.”