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Hello and happy May!  Big news this month…

Welcome to what will be the final monthly issue of See Magazine!  Henceforth we will publish quarterly, and in this blog-based format.

Yes, lots of change for See Magazine since last we’ve spoken.  It’s been an emotionally tumultuous and challenging month-long journey which you can read about in agonizing detail, if you like.  The end result – the magazine is going to be better than ever and we’re incredibly excited to be moving forward with our amazing contributors, in this new format – reborn.

Speaking of being born – it’s May, the month we honor our Moms for the myriad gifts they provide.  No matter the nature of your relationship with your mother, one thing cannot be denied – you are here because of her, because she carried and nurtured you inside her own body and birthed you into the world.  That alone deserves honor and gratitude.  Those of us with wonderful Moms are blessed beyond measure, and so this issue celebrates Moms – how they’ve taught us to – and about – love, how some of the particularly Badass Moms courageously protect the lives they helped create.  Ciao Bella brings us a blast from the past with a look at forgiving yourself – and your Mom – for being imperfect, despite best efforts.  Yes – Moms rock!

Not all “babies” are in flesh and blood – some are digital; made of code, picture and words.  This month we begin our new series, Women Wielding Web, wherein we talk to female founders/owners of major web businesses, getting a snapshot of their success. First up:  Angie’s List and BlogHer.

Not enough fabulous female entrepreneurs for ya?  Never fear – Monica Birdsong is back this month, examining the merits of helping those in business who help themselves.

Shara Krogh analyzes the precarious future of the women of Afghanistan and how the withdrawal of U.S. presence could compromise already limited women’s rights there.

Profiled last month as our feature story, life coach Deanne Mathews returns with thoughts to help us progress down the path of compassionate healing.

And we review the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift – “Miss Representation” on DVD.

Our monthly columns round out this issue – A+ Ads examines how the “Got Milk?” campaign’s got empowerment – and we share shareable and don’t-miss web goodies in Viralize This and The Goods.

Thanks for reading – have a beautiful, powerful month!

Love always,

Lori Lewis
See Magazine