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I’m not into politics. I think it’s an ugly business (yes, I said BUSINESS) and that most politicians whose names we know had to sell their soul to the devil just to get to the point where we’d even know their names.

I hate the divisive nature of politics – the vitriol and hatred that’s casually – if not gleefully – flung back and forth across party lines.

A few years ago, after weeks of feeling increasingly stressed out, frightened and angry ALL THE TIME, I started examining the trigger for these feelings and discovered it was my careful following of political news. So, I did an experiment. I turned a blind eye to politics for a year and was instantly more happy, less stressed and no longer felt afraid, enraged, and helpless.

I never looked back.

But alas, it’s election year – so avoiding politics is a lot like trying to run between the raindrops during a storm.

Though I still try to minimize my exposure as much as possible, something caught my eye yesterday and instantly brought my blood to the boiling point:

Mitt Romney On Planned Parenthood: “We Will Get Rid of It”

Wait – what?!

Images of Margaret Atwood novels flashing through my head, I started a petition:

Tell Mitt Romney American Women Won’t Tolerate “Getting Rid Of” Planned Parenthood

I Facebooked it, Tweeted it several times with mentions of several large Planned Parenthood organizations on Twitter, as well as several Huffington Post handles, and waited to watch us rapidly rise up with an empowered collective voice of 1 million angry Americans.

And…..virtually nothing happened. Latinos for Planned Parented (@Latinos4PP) retweeted the tweet right away, which I found encouraging. But, then, crickets.

Almost 24 hours letter, the petition has just 39 signatures toward the goal of 1 million. This morning I tweeted to the author of the article which inspired the petition, and she immediately retweeted it to her 1,800 Followers, inspiring a glimmer of hope and faith in my fellow Tweeps).  We even got another signature – we’re at 40 now!  But then….crickets.

Wait — what?!

Just a couple of weeks ago, the company I work full time for was incorrectly targeted as an advertiser on the Rush Limbaugh show and we received THOUSANDS of fervent (and often hate-filled) tweets and Facebook posts demanding we stop running advertising we weren’t even running. Because he called a woman a slut.

And now access to contraception and vital health screenings for cancer and other illnesses for the underprivileged is in peril, yet no one can get behind THIS cause?

WTF, America?! Seriously – W. T. F.?!

A month or so ago when another non-profit, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, announced its plans to quit funding Planned Parenthood, the public sprung into action with a relentless social media campaign which resulted in a reversed decision and several SGK executives resigning or being fired.

But a man who very well could become our next president flippantly reveals plans to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood altogether (later revised to “eliminate public funding” – still a huge threat to reproductive rights for American women) and….nothing.  Zero, zip, zilch, nada.

Wow. Just, wow.

I mean – I get it – most of us can scarcely keep up with our newsfeeds and timelines and emails, etc.   But come on, people!  Do you need to be case IN the real-life remake of “The Handmaid’s Tale” before anything’s done to speak out about this issue?

So – screw Facebook and Twitter. I’m taking this fight to the fastest growing and most promising social network out there right now – Pinterest.

Let’s see if the 80% female audience on Pinterest can help pin Planned Parenthood safe from federal defunding.

PLEASE, pin/repin the below image and share and sign this petition!

It’ll be an interesting experiment, that’s for sure!