One of the things that’s challenging me as I begin to form the roots from which this magazine will grow is the desire to bring about a change to negative things without getting too hung up in negativity.

I want the magazine to be an entirely positive force. Cover to cover, I want every word and image to inspire positive feelings in the reader about themselves, other people and the world around them.

That, I feel is entirely doable.  Whether or not it’s a noble goal may be a question to some but in my heart, this is what I want to bring to the world through this project.

The trick is how to shed light on and work to correct the negatives out there – the way women are portrayed by the media, how during their early formative years, girls are discouraged from becoming leaders – and how females of every age are victimized and exploited all over the world – without squelching the uplifting spirit I deeply wish to create with this work.  Because as I see and have experienced it, learning about these issues directly and in detail can invoke feelings of helplessness, due to the magnitude and the gravity of these problems.  At least, it sometimes does for me.  And that’s fine if I have to process those feelings to learn and to do this work – but I don’t want my readers to feel anything like that as a result of what I present in the pages of the magazine.  If they do, why would they keep reading?  If they stop reading, they miss out on the inspiration future issues could bring them.  Which entirely defeats the purpose.

I’ve been puzzling over this for a number of days now.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m making something out of nothing, but my gut says no.  I have a vague idea about how to accomplish this critical balance by virtue of how I put together the “physical” structure of the magazine, but would love to hear any thoughts anyone has to share on this topic.  I thank you in advance for your insight and input.