Oprah Winfrey’s “Lifeclass” and the frighteningly illuminating documentary “Miss Representation”, have enlightened me beyond what I would have thought possible, and in doing so have revealed to me my life’s purpose.  The thing that, while first and foremost helping girls and women see themselves for what they truly are, will also be the great passion of my own life.

See Magazine will share the stories of girls and women who shine brightly in industry, science, education, the arts, philanthropic works, politics, athletics, etc.

Since I love fashion – I think it’s is fun and can be a creative expression of oneself – there WILL be editorial around dressing great for one’s body type – but with strict rules around it.  Our “models” will only ever be the women we profile (if they wish to participate in the fashion shoot – it will be optional).  This should make for a varied offering of all colors, shapes and sizes and be truly reflective of the female population.  Our ladies will work with a stylist to choose clothing that accentuates their body’s strengths – but the final choice of outfit is up to the model, as it’s meant to be a creative expression of HER.  Makeup will be around emphasizing natural beauty, but the model is free to skip the makeup if she desires.  Most significantly the fashion photos in See Magazine will NEVER be altered as to the model’s bodies or faces.

We will show the world what women and girls are REALLY made of.  We will organize digitally to combat offensive and inaccurate portrayals of women in media (power to the Tweeple!).  We will help people begin to think differently about girls and women.

Most significantly, we will endeavor to usher ALL of our sisters into a recognition of their magnificence, so they are no longer held prisoner of society’s errant ideas around feminine beauty and character and can finally live the full, rich, accomplished and powerful life which is their destiny.

And THAT can change everything.